movisensa orbit rotates

The innovative therapeutic utility and trainer stimulates intentional movement for greater health. Rotation not only sets the steel ball rolling, it also lets you experience the unique challenge of activating your deep postural muscles.

Compensating the centrifugal forces turns into a part of the exercises. movisensa orbit mobilizes the sensorimotor system as well as the postural muscles of the upper extremity. Therapeutic and training achievements are made faster while retaining the high level of motivation.

movisensa orbit is sold in two sizes to match every level of training:

Beginners and untrained people should start with the movisensa orbit 320.

Advanced, active, trained and athletic users we recommend to take movisensa orbit 500, because it produces higher centrifugal forces.


movisensa orbit - the versatile fitness tool

  • trains your sense of balance and stability
  • activates your local (deep) muscles
  • improves the endurance of local muscles correct muscle activity is automatically transferred to everyday situations
  • improves the stability of your spine and, thus, your posture
  • enhances the safety of movements and general everyday mobility
  • trains your development and control of movement
  • improves your proprioception
  • enhances your basal sensorimotor functions
  • strengthens your muscular and bone tissue
  • optimizes muscular functionality and coordination
  • successfully trains persons of every age and state of fitness