terrasensa® - innovation in every step

terrasensa® opens up the way to better health and beneficial exercise. Fitness, mobility, safety - the terrasensa® path opens up unlimited possibilities and works with the challenge of natural unevenness.

The variableness of the surface is unique with unfathomable effectiveness for the cognitive process. Even in the most simple of exercises, terrasensa® mobilizes the entire neuromuscular and sensorimotor system. Positive therapy and training results can thus be achieved noticeably faster.


terrasensa® - the versatile fitness tool

  • trains the sense of balance and stability
  • encourages day-to-day confidence in mobility and flexibility
  • supports the development of movement and the control of movement
  • strengthens the proprioceptive function
  • fortifies basic sensorimotor functions
  • fall and injury prevention, as well as post-operative rehabilitation
  • simulation of everyday situations in training
  • strengthening of muscle and bone fibre
  • optimization of muscle function and coordination
  • successful training for every age-group and condition