variosensa board moves you

The innovative therapeutic utility and trainer stimulates intentional movements for greater health. Fitness, mobility, safety - variosensa board gives you a wealth of possibilities through its incitingly variable simulation of tilts which provokes compensating movements.

The unique variability of the positioning of its feet underside remains unfathomable for all cognitive processes. Thus, variosensa board mobilizes the entire neuromuscular and sensorimotor system. True, training and therapeutic success is achieved faster, but why not have fun with it?


variosensa board - the versatile fitness tool

  • trains your sense of balance and stability
  • trains your development and control of movement
  • improves your proprioception
  • enhances your basal sensorimotor functions
  • strengthens your muscular and bone tissue
  • optimizes muscular functionality and coordination
  • successfully trains persons of every age and state of fitness