Pictures for press & distributors

On this site you will find pictures and logos in printing quality. As member of the press or sensa® distributor you are free to download and use these pictures. All rights remain property of sensa® - by Hübner Group.

If you have any question or in case you should need further assistance or different pictures, please do not hesitate to contact us.



terrasensa_classicterrasensa® classic (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.2 MB)


terrasensa_riseterrasensa® rise (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.2 MB)


terrasensa_flatterrasensa® flat (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.2 MB)


terrasensa_3D-reflexterrasensa® 3D-reflex (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.6 MB)


terrasensa_outdoor_1terrasensa® outdoor (tif, CMYK, approx. 3.2 MB)


terrasensa_outdoor_2terrasensa® outdoor (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.9 MB)


terrasensa_outdoor_3terrasensa® outdoor (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.8 MB)


movisensa_orbit320movisensa orbit 320 (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.1 MB)


movisensa_orbit500movisensa orbit 500 (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.2 MB)


variosensa_board_1variosensa board (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.5 MB)


variosensa_board_2variosensa board (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.5 MB)


variosensa_specsvariosensa specs (tif, CMYK, approx. 2.6 MB)